Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 11

Ivy Cannon, our new Food Storage, Humanitarian Specialist is going to give us the opportunity to build our emergency preparedness supplies.  She has compiled a list of products that could be helpful.  Please put a mark next to anything you’d be interested in ordering to help her get an idea of what is needed most.
July 16 will be the Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert (Live) at 7:30 PM.  It will also be re-broadcast the following night.

“Liberty is the possibility of doubting, the possibility of making a mistake, the possibility of searching and experimenting, the possibility of saying No to any authority--literary, artistic, philosophic, religious, social and even political.”
~Ignazio Silone

“A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue.”
 ~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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