Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 31

Thanks to all of you who helped and brought food to the funerals.  The familes really appreciated what you did for them.  It is very nice to see how this ward rolls up its sleeves and helps when there is a need.  Plus there are so many good cooks in this ward that you kind of blow people away.
Thanks to the Enrichment Committee (or whatever we’re supposed to call them now) for the great Fabulous Friday night.  The food was great, the crafts were fun and everyone came away happy, and I’m determined to make at least a few Christmas presents from all the great ideas.
Visiting Teaching interviews are are here at the church from 5-8 pm.  I will be calling to cordially remind you of your appointment.  
The annual Single Mothers Seminar will be Thursday, November 11, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Bridgerland (BATC) at the south end.  Please tell any single mothers you know.
The Young Women are having Young Women in Excellence on Sunday, November 21st,  They need fancy (prom type) dresses in assorted sizes.  If you have one or some that they could borrow, please contact Kjerstin.  They are also looking for temple pictures.  If you would let them borrow yours please let someone in the YW presidency know.
Saturday, November 13th will be the Worldwide Leadership Training at the Stake Center.

......aaannndd in honor of our Visiting Teaching interviews, a fun little clip.....
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